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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

WOYWW #288

Eeek, it is Wednesday again and time for a nosy, and I know I still owe a few people visits from last week!
This is my work in progress, a sparkly warm winter jumper (sweater) for me, crocheted in King Cole Galaxy in fushia, I love fushia, and it has little sequins all over as well. The sequins are pretty but make it very difficult to unpick if you need to. I have had two really bad balls of yarn so far with mega thick parts followed by mega thin parts, and I ditched one ball completely. If there is a "good" ball it still has knots and the odd thicker/thinner part so I have ended up with loads of ends. I tried to get them so they are at the side now, so I can work them into the seams - going to be thick seams! There are loads in the body of it too, I crocheted them in as I went but with this being a fairly open stitch I am afraid that it shows too much and I might have to pull them all out and try darning them in better. The problem with this is that darning is hampered by the sequins, and on the shrug that I made with the DK version of this yarn, which also had one really bad ball, I had to snip the sequins off carefully so as not to snip the thread they are on! Not looking forward to all of that work.
This is also frustrating, because although I got this yarn at maybe 2/3 price or a little less, it still cost me £40 plus postage for one garment, and that is more than I am spending on any single item at the moment, when I lose more weight it will all be too big! I don't mind a bigger jumper (sweater) though.

EEEEK, it is so very nearly Christmas - it snuck up again!! This is the bottom of the Really Useful Box which has sat on my desk under a pile of printed images, and I remembered I had a pile of printed and stamped images that I had coloured and die cut so they are ready to go on cards - I really need to get them on those cards! I do have a heap of cards but not enough and I should be posting some by now!

On the desk, a few dies I used on the last card, a heap of the Crafty Individual stamps waiting for me to create laminated sheets to file them away. Then there is a white Zipecut folder, this is my first ever die storage, when I bought my first die cutter the Zipecut. I still use it despite the fact it split and is duct taped together. On top is a Meljen image ready to use, and some Cutter Bee scissors. Next to that is a handle, a washer and a tube of glue from Samuel Taylors, sent for me to repair my new die cutting machine. I think from the email, which is from Crafts Too who supplied Samuel Taylors, that Crafts Too expected Samuel Taylors to repair the machine for me, not for me to do it myself which is what Samuel Taylors expect. The "new" handle supplied is not very clean and makes me think it is not "new" at all. I have some photos and instructions, which don't mention what to do with the glue, not had a go at this yet. It isn't very good really, I think I should have insisted on a brand new machine, as mine isn't fit for purpose. The longer they hang this out the better for them.

Anyway this is much shorter than last week, you will be glad I am sure! Also I can report that I have started putting my surplus craft stash on ebay in bargain bundles, I just want it gone - I am sure I will feel much better when it is gone!

If you want to go desk hopping, hop over to The Stamping Ground and start with Julia Dunnit who runs the whole peep show!


  1. Gosh, Cazzy, it all sounds so busy in your world. I hope you manage to enjoy life, get the machine sorted, as well as finish all the cards you need. The stash looks a gorgeous collection. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 13

  2. Awww that's some crafty space Cazzy xx

  3. Busy girl! Lots going on here!

    Thanks for visiting!


  4. This jumper colour is so, so lovely! And when I see your stash I want to dig right in and play ;-)
    Gabriele 23

  5. It's very fuchsia! What a great shade.


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