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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Quick cards and food glorious food!

I found a few photos I haven't shared with you all:
 I have had a pack of aperture card blanks for years, didn't know what to do with them, then Laura of Crafty Ribbons fame gave me an idea....scraps of ribbon! So I got busy sticking, and found heaps of ribbons I stickyfied with the Xyron then didn't use, and there was more glue on my fingers than anywhere!
I used a Doodlebug stamp set to stamp directly on the card blanks.
 Hmmm, what do you do when you stamp on your nearly finished card and make a mistake? Well you could stamp on a panel, cut it out an cover the mistake, bit tricky with the aperture - so, lets make it look deliberate! Did I get away with it? The "mistake" was the first block of Happys on the left, and I went from there!
Variations on the same theme...

 how many different ways can I stamp with these same stamps?....

Different ribbons make them look different and I have a whole heap ready to stamp!

 I think this was classic cheese and onion pie Slimming World recipe.
 Peppers stuffed with cherry tomatoes and quark with basil and garlic, yum.
 Here they are just out of the oven.
My Mum's adopted cat, Katy.

 Katy warming herself.
Salad and veggies with jacket potato and quark, or it might have been mozzerella cheese.

 Stuffed pepper, jacket potato and stir fry leek in passata.

Classic cheese and potato pie day 2 with my special home made tomato sauce - it needed something!


  1. Hiya Caz, I love what youve done with the scraps of ribbons & aperture cards... a great idea, thank you
    Fab blog post hun as always
    Marg ;) xx

  2. Fame? You made me chuckle!!
    Love these, especially like the second umbrella. Glad I inspired you a little :)


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