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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WOYWW #245

It's Wednesday and time to go snooping round desks at The Stamping Ground.
My computer is semi working now, it is so much easier than the tablet, which one day would let me upload photos to blogger then minutes later or the next few days it wouldn't play at all! So I got there very late last week and only because Julia added me and I haven't gone round even the few people who stopped by.

I think my desk is looking much tidier now, There is still a pile of stamps on cling foam on the left side under the digi images, I need to split sheets somehow to keep brands together and I need to clear a shelf to hold more folders (not worked out where the stuff on the shelf is going yet), but I was pleased I did so much and probably because I had no computer to distract me!
In the middle is a Valentine's card I was working on, I will post the finished card next. Then there is the paper pad I used and a Really Useful Box that is full of images coloured and die cut ready to go and other die cut bits.
At the back, on the far right the rotary trimmer and standing on that is a stamp that arrived today, and a tub of cards that might go for charity or to the shop, well some of each maybe. I had a pile of aperture card blanks, I suppose they are for tea bag or similar, but I finally saw an idea - using up scraps of ribbon!
Next to them the grey basket is full of cards finished and awaiting something like an insert or just bag top. In the green basket is paint, then the pink basket is full of adhesives, and then there is the box Shaun gave me, now full of Distress refill inks, on top of that is a small crate full of Fresco paints.
The pink net bin is full of foam bits for inking, and now some ink dusters I bought at the Exeter show, we went there then stayed in Torquay for a couple of nights where we were expecting really bad weather, I think they are getting it now. The floods and damage is so awful, those poor people, and the rain isn't stopping yet!
I was going to show you what I bought at the Exeter show but I can't find the photos I took now, will look at the tablet later. (Found them, I took them on a phone I was trying out but they were still in the cloud, see next post).
These two were ill for a few days, they look a bit sorry for themselves here. They kept being sick.

This is a kitty hat I made using a pattern from Repeat Crafter Me, it was the puppy hat but the little girl this is for is cat mad so I made up some ears, hope she likes it.

Bedroom makeover complete, this is the bedroom with the black out roller blind up and I found the perfect colour valanced sheet (after buying two valances in error which I washed so can't take back). I searched online and couldn't find teal, but in a shop in town I found it, and it fits better than the old ones. I need to go get another now.
When you look out of the window and see this - you have to grab the camera!


  1. Hi, Cazzy! Here from WOYWDW. Love that crocheted hat. I am a crocheter as well and I have been making wristlets all winter and giving theme away. Have fun at your desk.
    Cathy C #89

  2. Oh Cazzy, that last shot is priceless!
    I really like the colors for your bedroom, yes, teal is one of the harder colors to match, but you did GOOD! Plus that is one of my favorite colors.
    Have a great week....that hat is adorable!
    Krisha #34

  3. If that is your desk after tidying up you are a girl after my own heart ! Hope the hounds are feeling better now ! Ali #36

  4. Adorable knitted cat-dog hat. LOL I love teal too, so like your ew decor. And, yes,that last photo was worth getting the camera! :)
    Sharon #29

  5. You have to laugh when you look at the last photo & i a photo op that just had to be done & was to good to pass up. Happy woyww Jill #35

  6. Rofl at the last picture- I'd have had to grab the camera too!Awesome job on the bedroom makeover. And I so agree about how much you can get done when you can't get on the net! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #43 xx

  7. The mind boggles at that final photo. What was going on, I wonder. I enjoy crochet work too, especially in the evening to relax. Have a good week. xx Maggie #15


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