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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Quirky New Year Wishes - reminder time.

 Phew, the computer is working at the moment so I can blog properly! I am continuing with my journal, which is all about my weight loss journey. I made a page for each of my certificates and each one has a blank page to add my thoughts, pictures and photos. I want to be able to draw inspiration and encouragement from this journal to continue on my journey and reach my target! All of my certificates were pinned to the fridge freezer, I was running out of magnets, and they were getting tatty at the edges, so putting them in a book is the best thing to do. I punched holes with the Bind it All, but haven't bound it yet or made covers, there will be lots more pages yet - unless I do this in two volumes!
This was my first certificate - slimmer of the week! Pretty amazing, because I didn't know if I wanted to take up the offer of 12 weeks paid for by the NHS, and when I did decide (having been a total slimming club sceptic) I wasn't sure if it would work for me with all of my intolerances, allergies and thyroid problems, I decided to journal my thoughts, here in a Squigglefly freebie journal frame and some journalling spots I stamped with Unity Blossom Stackers set. Fat Mouse from Bugaboo and scales from Squigglefly.

The plan is all about healthy eating, it fitted in with my normal diet just fine, a few adjustments, and here I am on a super healthy eating plan, not a diet! I can still eat treats, but I count my chocolate in squares per day now not bars per day! Peaches, Nibbles with carrot and scales from Squigglefly, and chocolate from Bugaboo.

This was my half stone award, that is 7 pounds!

I decided not to bore you with every page, besides I haven't filled them in yet! I hope to add more thoughts, images and photos to each page. Sassy Gal Angel is from Bugaboo.

She accompanies my latest certificate for 2 and a half stones weight loss, that is 35 pounds! I always worked in kilos before this, but have to think in Imperial again! I could have had kilos if I had known and said at the beginning, but then I would be different to everyone else - and how would they work out the certificates?

This page is the start of my ongoing wishes for 2014, I want to lose the same again - I know now that I can do it! Then I will be able to play with my little grandson as he gets older, and do everything else I want to (well not everything, that would take a miracle - but more than if I don't do this), and improve my health too! I used Girlz get your craft on, and beach boy brat from Bugaboo, and there is room for more.
I only wish they had sent me years before this, and maybe I wouldn't have so many health problems, hindsight is a wonderful thing! 
I have seen very large people sitting in wheelchairs in the hospital, waiting for transport, minus limbs, not able to walk, looking awful, on oxygen and I don't want to end up like that if I can help it!

Anyway on that morbid note, don't forget to hop over to Quirky Crafts and join in, you might want a new car, new baby, new house, holiday - show us what you want during this year in any project you like!


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