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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

WOYWW #211

 Happy WOYWW! This time last week I was in Torquay, so I scheduled a post (maybe I should have taken a photo of my Really Useful box that I took with me containing sheets of images and some of my Promarkers, which I didn't get to use much due to the awful lighting - I need an Ott light or similar to take).
So I couldn't link my post until Friday evening. This is a pile of stash which mostly came in the post while I was away and a few bits I bought in Trago Mills including a HUGE tub of white gesso which took me ages to find because I was expecting it to be the same as the black gesso and couldn't understand why there wasn't any - then eventually after looking, going away and looking again I finally looked down and saw the HUGE tubs! Happy me, it was so cheap to buy that size! Most of my new goodies are dies, dies and stamp sets, stamp and embossing folder sets and a bird Bigz die and embossing folder set and these were something like 60% or more off from Sizzix. Then you might spot the WR Memory Keepers envelope punch tool, which took me an extremely long time to extract from the packaging and I haven't tried it yet! I also bought some speech bubble dies from Trago, some 12" x 12" plain cardstock and I can't think what else.

So here is my desk view 1, and you can actually see the wood (not real wood)! In the centre is my altered dictionary with the new page underway for The Alpha project at the Craft Barn, and next to that on the left is a pile of stamps waiting to be put away. Next to that is a Really Useful box (you can't see it) in which I have put any coloured images that are ready to use or ready to cut out, and a few odd die cuts. On top of the box is a folder with Unity stamps in it, some are for the dictionary page. On the right is a pile of images ready for colouring, not sure why because I put a load away - the box must be full!

 View from the other end of the desk.

Cutting corner, see the domimoes? I bought them in a charity shop for £2.50 and got them out to see if I could make a domino book but the images I had printed were too large and I didn't want to make them teenie tiny so made them into a pirate card, another day for a domino book!

What is WOYWW all about? Well it is a day a week that you can share your space and visit and nosy round a heap of other desks all thanks to the lovely Julia Dunnit at The Stamping Ground!
When I first started on this I remarked I would never get round everyone and was advised that the thing to do was to visit all the people who's number ended the same as yours, so if you are number 155 visit all the numbers ending in 5, then any favourites and additional ones if you have the time.
Then I saw someone comment that they visit the first 20 only and anyone who visits them. Could you miss out on a lot if you do that? I bet most people get there in roughly the same order, I know I am usually last or close to it!
I could have posted very early indeed, I was up late last night, it took hours to make the pirate card, then I needed to blog it then it was too late to bother with WOYWW! I gave the card to Richard for his birthday tomorrow, I hope he likes it. I realised the treasure map fold up was the perfect place to put his birthday money!


  1. G'day Cazzy
    I'm not playing in WOYWW this week as I have just got back from a visit to see my Mum in a different state and now my eldest daughter is here for a visit. Just dropping into a few desks anyway. OMG yours is crazy full with all sorts of goodies LOL. The side step card is gorgeous. You can never have enough gesso or gel medium I reckon. I must get some more dies for myself too....so many to choose from.
    Annette In Oz

  2. What a brilliant desk you have this week, I don't know why but it looks even bigger!! Happy WOYWW!
    (Lyn) #52 I think

  3. So many goodies, I could look at your desk for hours and still find things. My kind of desk, love it.
    Have a great week.
    Von #27

  4. Your desk is full of some wonderful stash! What fun you are going to have playing with your treasures!

  5. Sorry hit enter before finishing up./..You got some fab bargains at sizzix! Dies and EF are my favourite things to buy!
    Scrappymo #5

  6. Wow loving the new stash! Lucky you scoring the new envelope maker board! Cool new stamps and dies o'er here on the right. Love that step card. Yikes I've got to get my Alpha page done. I've missed so many already need to get caught up. I visit those that end with same number as me (3) then those with intriguing names and the first twenty and the last ten. Those that post late and are at the end don't get many visits so I like to come say HI and see what you're too! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #3

  7. Hi Cazzy thank you so very much for your lovely crafty snoop must admit the die and stamp set sound fab!

    Just an idea to try to correct your comment problem go into settings

    Settings-> comments->
    -> select in top section of Comment:
    #Comment Location *POP UP WINDOW**

    May help sort out your problem as you certainly dont have an easy way to find it. Have joined your blog :D to encourage you.. happy WOYWW, love Shaz in OZ.x #29

  8. Happy Belated WOYWW. Glad you had more details on how to get to comments, as I was confused when I came via the direct link! Amazing amount of new stash. I used to be just like you - but now I mainly craft digitally, and spend a lot less money! Ali x #78

  9. The comments and visiting thing is always a discussion. I try to visit the entire middle column and at least half of the other two - but figure the top twenty or so are so visited that they probably don't notice any less or more! Am super impressed at seeing the wooden desk top...it means you still have some room! That is an impressive pile of new stuff to accumulate whilst you've been away! And am very glad to read that you got the dominoes out, dismissed using them and haven't quite round to putting them away. Feels real life to me!

  10. You have no end of eye candy going on in your WOYWW post, Cazzy! I could stay a very long time snooping here!

    I do the same number thing and all who visit me and then I like to start at the end and work up, just because I've been at the end and know the enders tend to get very few comments.

    Have a wonderful week! Darnell #20

  11. Wow, wow, wow! What a great bunch of exciting stuff you have to work with!
    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk!

  12. Yep, had to refresh (didn't see the home thing until after I had refreshed) and found the comments.

    I could stay here for hours looking at your desks. You have a ton of stuff sitting out. Dominoes, too!!

    Thanks for your previous visit. Have a great slightly late WOYWW from #17.


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