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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

WOYWW #210

 I wanted to show you this little drawer unit which I got at the opticians, really! I was sitting waiting for my glasses to be tightened and I noticed this sat on a table looking empty, and I remarked that it would be perfect for craft storage. Well it was going to be thrown out, and only hadn't because they hadn't had time, so I was allowed to bring it home! It hasn't got any of the dividers, maybe I can make some if I need any.
Having stood the Really Useful little boxes behind the eBosser without them falling over (I was waiting for himself to attach them to the wall but seems unecessary after all) I thought I would try stacking the first set on top, in grabbing them two of the boxes fell out and there are mother of pearl buttons and feather charms all over the floor in the most awkward places and I will be finding them forever after I think I have picked them all up!
Finally here is the desk, new stamps and same old same old! I won a set of Marianne dies which took me ages to fathom out, finally I found out they are Christmas banner dies (why only Christmas?) and there was a corresponding set of stamps so when I saw them I thought I better get them!
Happy WOYWW and pop over to The Stamping Ground for an official weekly nosy around other peoples spaces!


  1. Yes you are last this week! well, you weren't here were you, of course, I took my dongle when I was away! Lovely messy desk!! Love useful boxes, don't think you can have too many. I'm about #51 this week Happy Late WOYWW

  2. Hi Cazzy - looks like last but then that means you wont miss out ob visiting those you want to - I find I visit the top 20 - then anyone that visits me... The 4th anniversary I made it thru the top 86 - that was a hard slog! Being able to put up a comment wasn't hard - glad I made it - your workspace looks fabulous with lots & lots of things going on - see you next time - Mxx #25 oh I put Quirky Craft Challenges into my faves - gotta love a good challenge!!

  3. Hi Cazzy sorry you are having comment issues, blogger can be unobliging at times..
    ... thanks for popping over and well must say that was fab find at your optometrists well done what a blessing..

    ... smiled at you not knowing exactly what you had won has happened to me too! Shaz in Oz.x #4

  4. Your desk looks really busy and creative! And what a fabulous, unexpected find at the optician's!
    Happy very late WOYWW! And thanks for visiting me too,

  5. blogger can be a real pain at times so I thought I must comment to compensate. That was a great find at the opticians... amazing the stuff people throw away. Lovely busy desk. Enjoy the reat of your week


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