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Friday, 25 January 2013

Glitter in my drawers ha ha

Here is my Hero Hearts card again, this time with just two mother of pearl buttons added, I think it is finished now.
I have entered this in the following challenges:
A Blog Named Hero - a golden oldie. I don't know if these are old enough stamps but I hope so and with hours to go they will have to do!

I recently won an Art Glitter contest I spotted on Facebook where you are shown an open pot of glitter and you have to guess which glitter colour and type it is from the hundreds on the web site. If you guess correctly you win a $25 voucher. The only drawback is that you have to pay postage. I picked out my 8 pots of glitter from the overstock section because that was where the best bargains were, and I submitted my order with voucher code and waited for Art Glitter to contact me with the postage amount which I was a little concerned about. Something went wrong with the system because I hadn't heard and 3 weeks later when I contacted them to find out what was happening they had dispatched the order and charged my card $44 or thereabouts. I was horrified and told them that I would never have authorised that amount which was more than the prize. They looked into it and told me that the wrong box was used, and refunded me half of the amount, phew and the glitter arrived yesterday. I now have so much glitter I have dedicated a Really Useful box to it, so there is space in the drawer with the Pearl Ex mica power and Twinkling H2O's it was sharing with, will have to find something to share now!
Oh I nearly didn't say which are the new pots - the 8 in the top right hand corner of the box!

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  1. hia cazzy thanks for popping by, i asked the lady if it was okay to sell them and she said as long as it wasnt online that would be okay as she herself sells them online x


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