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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Now since Sooty had his bladder stone removed early this year he has been on a special diet of horrible yellow food. However he has his moments like the one in the pub a couple of weeks ago when the 96 year old chap at the next table took pity and gave him a piece of beef, which he gobbled as quick as he could and sat hoping for more! Now does that face look very guilty? I think so, or maybe a little uncomfortable? At this point I was 99% certain who done it! After all Alfie was upstairs on the bed with me, well I thought he was.

Sooty always goes foraging in the hopes of finding crumbs and dropped food, the kitchen floor, Alfie's dinner bowl, and the cupboard under the stairs where the dog food tubs are is good for droppages.

Now in the cupboard was a bag full of Fish 4 Dogs treats, waiting to refill Alfie's treat jar when he emptied it, and I think enough to fill it twice which would have lasted a couple of months or more.
Yes it was this bag, the one with the big holes in it.......

Does Alfie look innocent, and maybe a bit cheesed off?

Well I had to give them breakfast so Sooty got his potassium citrate liquid that he has twice daily, and at lunchtime when thoughts turned to biscuits I knew for certain who did it - Sooty was sick, then ate it again - yuk, so no biscuits for Sooty and I may not give him dinner either, or not a lot! Alfie only has what is left in the jar now, and three that piggy dog didn't manage to stuff in his gob!

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