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Sunday, 7 August 2011

trapped in craft room, send chocolate

O.K. Confession time, I am a messy crafter, or just messy! My once lovely tidy craft room following the purchase of two Ikea bookcase pictured below, has become full of "stuff" again. and I have the opportunity of two free bookcases which are not Ikea so don't quite match either in colour or depth. They are actually deeper. I thought about it and decided that I could try one and see what it looks like, and then I could maybe get this room into a proper work room. 
The Ikea chair (you can just see one arm above) in the middle of my room is covered in stash right now, and quite frankly is in the way, I am reluctant to get rid of it because it is so good to sit on - but I can't remember the last time I sat on it! It is shoved over close to the mess and I had to pick my way through the tiny path between the mess and the chair to get here!

Are you shocked yet? I am behind this lot, well not at the time this was taken as I was taking it! I moved all of this out of the space next to my nice tidy shelves to make a space for the new shelves to go into, that leaves me with a bit of a problem as the green and purple crates are full of stuff relating to the knitting machine. The knitting machine you may remember used to sit where the shelves are covered in stuff, and with so much stuff on the floor in front of it I couldn't get near it. That was put away and into an upstairs cupboard which is a tad full. So I need to work out where I am going to put the crates or what is in them, or force myself to get rid of some of it to the charity shop. I keep thinking I will one day use the knitting machine again, and even if I did pluck up the courage to sell it I wouldn't get a lot for it and the crates and trunks of yarn, books, accessories etc that I have for it. The Really Useful tower which is made of two smaller towers was also in the space, so had to move, and then I found that it wasn't up to the weight of boxes and one wheel had buckled. The plan is the boxes will fit on the new shelves, and the tower will go. If I get rid of the chair too I can walk to all of my storage and get what I need. The other wall has a cupboard with lots of Lidl blue and grey drawer sets on top, then boxes of stuff on top again, and next to that a paper sorter which is staying, and more drawers on top and more stuff on top again, then a blue plastic drawer tower. The idea is that if I moved the paper sorter/organiser next to the work bench, and maybe get rid of the blue plastic tower and cupboard (that might go upstairs) I can get the second shelf unit in and tidy up all the stuff there. I might need more Really Useful boxes I feel.

Ikea bookcases, they look tidy now I have moved all the rubbish out of the way to get the new shelves in.

What's on your workbench Monday - EEEK!

More stuff I put in the dining room until I get the shelves, himself asked if it was for throwing out, how dare he, I need those folders for more UM stamps not yet sorted and catalogued!

So I cleared a path to where the shelves are to go, but when we tried to get them in between rain showers, I couldn't lift my end so we had to leave it for now, hopefully we will have reinforcements tomorrow! I have stacks of empty boxes for altering and packaging I guess it could go for the sake of tidyness, maybe..... I also have lots of packing I am keeping in case I sell any stuff which I am slowly doing on Facebook, problem is I am buying more than I sell! I hope that if I can be ruthless it will be more conducive to crafty productivity if it is tidy and I gain a space in the middle of the room again!


  1. oh Cazzy, Your room is worse than mine and that's only coz yours looks bigger, so more stuff! ...and a nice day!! (Im trying to tidy!)

    I lie


  2. OMG Cazzy that is a lot of stash to be sorting out - but looks like you have done a great job. :)

    Hope you are well?


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