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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Poor Doggy

Poor Sooty is not at all well. I thought there was something wrong, though I was the only one who did, he had a problem where he was busting to pee in the middle of the night and again early morning, and a few accidents (we won't talk about the bed incident ). To me he seemed very subdued, laying on the settee after Shaun had gone to work and not dashing back upstairs with Alfie. So I took him to the vet, that resulted in him having blood and urine tests, and the results show possible Cushings disease. Then he had to go in for scans and xrays, and had his tummy shaved, and was due another test.On the day they found a nasty looking spiky bladder stone and his liver is enlarged but no visible sign of tumour. They didn't do the blood test, by now he needs two blood tests, and he had to go back on Thursday. So took another day off, but his shaved "bits" were bothering him, he kept sitting down and licking furiously and it looked a bit red and swollen down there. On the morning of the test Sooty was being sick in the early hours, only bile, and had the runs too. So he couldn't stay in for the tests and we came away with two different medicines. I mentioned the licking and the swelling and asked if the stone could have moved, but the vet I saw didn't examine him there and just asked if he could pee O.K. which he could. By the next day he clearly had a bad infection down there so back to the vet, who prescribed cream and if that didn't work antibiotic tablets but as a last resort as they could skew the blood test results, and this fetching pink lampshade. That is supposed to stop him from licking, however I might as well take it off because he can still lick perfectly well! He is booked in to have his blood tests tomorrow, and possibly more scans Tuesday (will have to check on that as it was a different vet and maybe he had those already, I hope so as we don't do pet insurance and this is racking up towards £1,000 especially as he might have an operation to remove the stone, depending on the outcome of the blood tests, if he has Cushings he apparently won't heal - that makes me fear the worst).

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  1. aw poor liccle doggy, hopethings have settled down now cazzy, I hate it when animals get sick.


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