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Saturday, 4 June 2011

PC blues

I really thought my PC was going to die last week, for months it has been playing up, not booting up and having to be reset 6 times before starting (though some days booting fine, then fine for weeks then not for days or weeks), blue screens of death messages (and this is Windows 7), losing the spare drive, losing sound......
So I bought an external drive, thought would back everything up before it died completely. I hadn't done anything with it by the time my Son and Daughter in law came for a visit home last weekend, and luckily for me my son decided to help and backed everything up before reinstalling Windows. Now the PC boots up every time, still can't see the second (old) drive which might have failed, and still have no sound at all.

He did reinstall a lot for me, wasn't here long either. There are lots of other programs that I had to find and install, and as I have needed them it has been a hunt for either the disk, download, licence key or instructions. I have a lot to get through yet, I had a letter to type and document to scan, so had to install the printer, scanner and Office. Then I needed my photo programs, it is a new challenge tomorrow and I had lots of lovely GDs photos to load on, not to mention I need to make my effort and get it on. In order for me to make my effort I now need to load the desk top publishing software,and get the key to make it work.

Anyway I have lots of new photos, some of which I have got on to the PC, but I want to add a "watermark" before I let them loose on the internet, there are a lot of lovely people out there but a lot of no so honest ones too! Before I can watermark them I need to find out how to do that in Photoshop Elements.

I still have no sound as I said, so I need to try and work out what to do to sort that out and I might buy an new bigger hard drive to fit internally, and replace the old one that may be dead, if it isn't the drive the motherboard could be on the way out.

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  1. Morning Cazzy! I'm following those 'links' on my blog, yours sent me to 2008! Where there's no 'thing' to comment. I think I read where you can switch off old comments on back posts. Might be a good idea, that's where most of my spammers go! But at least blogger stops those now! Having problems commenting on one of our Challengers, have now got round the others!!
    Happy Crafting!


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