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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Waitrose are lovely

I recently ordered from Waitrose for the first time. They have only started delivering here since opening a new shop about 10 miles away. I did pop in to check it out when I had to go that way for something else recently.
Well there were a few things not available, the delivery man was most apologetic and some substitutes I sent back, and he told me if there was anything else I wasn't happy with to ring the free phone number.
After he had gone when I started to put stuff away I realised that the two tubs of organic Duchy ice cream both contained maize starch, something that will make me feel ill. I rang to say it would be helpful to have that information on the website, as the ice cream was not cheap and they told me as a gesture of good will they would refund me. I was surprised to get a message left on my phone telling me later that the branch would not refund me after all. I rang again and asked if I take this back to the shop will they refund me then? Of course they would have to throw it away. Customer services advised me to ask to talk to the manager next time I was in the shop taking my bill with me, but as I don't go to the shop usually I wanted to phone and ask about it.

I spoke to the manager who apologised and told me of course they would do a refund, and he would look into it. I later got a phone call from another manager who told me they had refunded me double the cost and could they deliver a bunch of flowers to say sorry?
How lovely is that, and not something that the likes of Tesco practice for much worse things (such as the gone off chicken)!

Anyway the poor chap who turned up, and I think it was a manager, asked if he had caught me at a bad time. I was wearing my yellow rubber gloves, my beloved old pink T shirt that has moth holes and a blob of blood coloured paint in the middle from a card making session, which was also a bit soggy and my hair (desperately in need of a trim) looked wild and so did I from his reaction! In fact my parents had been round before that and my Dad asked what was on my top, I said "blood" and he just said "oh". I had to tell him it wasn't really, wasn't worried about it being blood though. I wore it out dog walking once and worried in case anyone thought I had been stabbed - no not round here! I didn't even invite him in. Maybe my top is due for recycling, sigh.

Well I will definitely be ordering again, especially as delivery is free for over £50 of goods, and you can order fresh fish unlike the other supermarkets and the service I got today was superb.

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