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Sunday, 24 October 2010

New goodies

Say the word SALE, followed by Stamps and I am there!  So recently I have bought the entire set of Flippin Men stamps and some of the Flippin Women - there weren't many women left. These were only £1 each reduced from £9.99 per set so how could I not buy them from Imag-e-nation and I only went there for a free digi download.
Then I had an email from Elzybells announcing a 75% off closing down sale. Right there, right away! I spent "cough" rather a lot more than I anticipated but there was the lovely rubber and some other things I couldn't pass up on.
Now this is where the Royal Mail played a blinder. I had an email saying the goodies had been dispatched on Oct 4th, so when I got one of those cards saying a package is at the PO and too big for your letterbox (mailbox) I went right on line and asked for redelivery on Saturday 9th Oct. Postie came and delivered a parcel but not the one I expected. So I thought I must have been wrong, and waited, and waited.......Finally I had a hunch that the parcel that had arrived was nothing to do with the card, and that the redelivery may not have happened, the card didn't have any numbers on it to identify it, so how could the PO find it to redeliver I thought. So yesterday I popped in to the collection office to see if they had my goodies and after much searching they found them, not helped by me thinking the package must be smaller than it was! So Hooray I have my rubber and the other goodies.
Elizabeth who started Elybells to sell her stamp designs is not giving up completely, but she will be working for one of the big stamp manufacturers in future, Penny Black I think, so Good Luck to her and I am sure we will be seeing many of her designs soon.

The next lot of goodies which actually arrived first was from Crafty Ribbons.
When I saw this new gadget for making stunning bows I had to have one, after all it is under £10 (under £9 in fact) and my favourite ribbon people not only endorse it but are selling it and using it. I had to get some of these cute ribbons too, and got a freebie. The thing by the Bowdabra is my attempt at a bow with it.
Apart from these goodies I have been buying cute dog stamps, so watch out for cute dog cards coming soon. I have been on the lookout for a stamp of a dog that someone sent me in a swap but cannot find him, I found a smaller similar dog by Inkadinkadoo and bought him. The dog is sitting wagging his tail and holding a bone in his mouth, the original one is a scruffier one than the Inkadinkadoo version but very similar. I wish I could remember who made them so I could search for it, I am sure I knew once.

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