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Sunday, 29 August 2010

New toy

This photo doesn't do her justice, I can't get the colour right. She is in fact a gorgeous deep pink, could say fushia pink or hot pink but looks much redder in this photo. I have altered it but still too red. I could put the daylight photo studio lights up and try again but there might be too much glare as she won't fit my mini photo studio. If you nip over to the Craftwell site you can see the true colour, if I get a better photo I will put it up.

This is the latest technology in home craft cutters called the eCraft by Craftwell. It is so much larger than the Robo I had to move my TV and other stuff round and get her nearer to the craft end of my bench, the Robo was in the far corner under the printer shelf as the lights upset the optical eye when I did use it.

I have an SD card so I can play but the actual software to enable it to be used from the PC either with the SD card or from your own designs is due out on 1st Sept. I was initially pleased that the machine was on the way earlier than I expected it, but disappointed that the software wasn't and I think had it been explained that the machines were being released ahead of the software to allow people to play I would have understood and am now eagerly anticipating the software, shame I have to work that day. Once you get your machine you have to go register it to get the software download and you need the serial number that is underneath so as this is a heavy machine it is best to make that the first thing you do and write it down before assembling the feed tray on the back.

As with all brand new devices there are bound to be teething problems at first, if you buy at the launch price (as I did) you expect this to some extent. I haven't got fully to grips with my machine and I am still trying to understand it but thanks to Tom on his Create and Cut blog and Nicki, on Nicki's Cardstock Creations blog, who have both put up tutorial videos and tips to help I am slowly getting there and might actually cut a shape without problems soon.

I don't find the manual easy to understand and I hope Craftwell will reissue a better one or an online one as soon as they manage to draw breath from getting all the machine orders out. This baby is in big demand being the one we have all been waiting for.  It cuts either a sheet or smaller piece of card stock at a time manually fed, can take a stack using the sheet feeder at the back or can feed in a roll and cut banners to any length with the rollers provided.

It has a neat little drawer at the back to hold spare blades and pens and a few SD cards. You can buy more designs or use the software or combine the two. In time you will be able to load up your designs to sell and buy others from the Craftwell site. Check out the catwalk fashion made using this machine!

The most revolutionary thing is that this machine does not use sticky mats, though if you read Tom and Nicki's blogs you will see that for thin paper you need to add a sheet of card underneath, doesn't need to be sticky.

The other thing that this machine does is hold a pen as well as a blade and draws as well as cuts without needing to change. You can buy additional colours to the black provided with the machine.

I know that Oyster Stamps (one of the two U.K. sellers so far whom I bought her from) do demo's of the machine but I live too far away to get to one of those.

eCraft by Craftwell are on Facebook too where there are lots of comments and links, they seem very helpful and suggested I ring if I have problems, but that is an international call so not doing that just yet.

I have so many questions like: what are tabs exactly, what are they for and why do I need to change the settings? Will it cope with U.K. size card in the sheet feeder? What pressure is needed for which card, how can I tell which I need?

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