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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Craft Robo for sale - any takers?

I have decided to sell my Craft Robo which I haven't used for a year. This is the CC200-20. It has a still useable blade, and a couple of sets of new blades, the software (Cutting Master, DXF Art Collection Source DVD and training DVD) that came with it and the additional Design Master software, print outs of instructions and UK Scrapper tutorials for both Cutting Master Robo Master software and Design Master Software and I hopefully still have the box, which I will need to go and look for.
 It has the original cutting mat, I just respray it with re positionable glue when it needs to be more sticky.
I am not sure of the going rate right now and would appreciate suggestions of what they are going for but I need to find out the postage rate unless collected.

This is a marvellous machine that will cut all your own designs, and loads of designs you can download free or can buy online too, but I am not making enough use of it, used it for butterflies for the wedding last year and not a lot else really.

Any ideas on price?

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