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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sneek peek

Nearly time for Challenge 25 over on Quirky Crafts blog and what a lot of entries we have for the challenge closing today! Here is a sneeky peek of my Design Team card for this week, intrigued? Pop over to the Quirky Crafts challenge blog around 6pm to see more.

I haven't been very active in the past few weeks, first I had a virus that lasted for weeks, then the computer seemed to have a virus which took a couple of weeks to sort out, and then I was ill again. I have been having problems with my eyes being very tired and blurry vision even had my eyes tested and got yet more glasses, but this week had an excruciating pain in the back of my eye and started seeing double. I took a couple of days off work because I was worried about it happening when I drove, not to mention the pain dragging me down. I went to the surgery saw a doc who did blood tests, after saying my eyes looked fine. The tests came back clear, but I was still in pain and couldn't see properly and eventually convinced the receptionist that I did need to see someone before next Wednesday. The doc I saw thought it could be a sinus infection at the back of the eye so started me on strong antibiotics for a week, and anti inflammatory tablets. So far they seem to be working and things have improved though I am feeling very tired. I also have high blood pressure, which if not down by next week will have to be treated, so I have been trying to eat foods that lower it, and cutting down salt or cutting it out in an effort to bring it down. I don't eat processed food often, organic pasta sauce cheese, and organic chocolate are my weaknesses. I am hoping that a lot of it was to do with the stress of being scared silly about my eyes and the pain and it will be lower now I am not so worried about those.

So when you see my card in all its glory forgive me if I have gone over lines etc, as I could see two of every line when I attempted to make the card.

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  1. Oho, thats a really meanie sneaky peak!! A bit of a frill and a brad!! Mine was on timer, and it's already on... and with comments, Happy Easter!


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