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Sunday, 18 April 2010

AWOL again and confessions of a stamp addict

Unfortunately migraine robbed me of another day yesterday. I did get rid of it and started on the stamp cataloguing and sorting which I am continuing today. I would love to get them all sorted and put away tidy, so I know where they are and what I have. The way I am doing this is if I have a sheet or picture with the stamp or stamps I stick that to a piece of card to be laminated, first scanning it and printing onto thin card. The scanned card goes in my folder so I know what I have, the other is laminated to hold the stamps in another folder. I think I have 4 folders now, these are unmounted or UM rubber stamps mainly. I have had to mount most of them on EZ cling mount or similar first, I find EZ is the best to use. I have tried some glue that you paint on and it is supposed to remain clingy over and over, and at some point when it stops you reapply it. It is a messy business and I found the stamps quickly lost the cling factor, wouldn't cling to the laminate for long and stamps were jumping off all over the place! So back to EZ for most of those.

I am trying to keep collections together, if I have a few from a particular seller, or manufacturer I group them. If I haven't got a printed sheet I need to stamp them and copy or stamp twice and I just got through stamping an exciting find which was a set of stamps from www.timetostamp.com, and there was no clue as to what they were apart from a photo of the stamp sheet, and the seller thought it was corsets and stuff but it was so cheap, about £3 I think and it is vintage adverts for corsets, typewriters, pens, cutlery all sorts. I haven't scanned it yet because not only do I have room on the end for a few more stamps that don't belong to anywhere else, but I have one stamp that I am not certain of, it could be part of the set or not. I mounted and cut them apart a long time ago and they were all in with a heap of other stamps, some I can identify to other sets, but this one I don't know. Seems to be a lady and there is a word or some words on it. So I thought I will go to the web site and see, and the web site above takes me to I Brake for Stamps (a site I have bought from them too in the past, very nice stamps) but only a couple of the stamps from my set are visible here so I am no wiser. (Edited to say: I just clicked on the corset stamp and it brought up a sheet of stamps which i the sheet I have, so now I can see my random stamp doesn't belong to it.)

When I have completed the UMs I have a heap of single clear stamps I want to sort in the same way and mount probably on laminate sheets also. (Perhaps I shouldn't mention I have just purchased some UM Unity Stamps on Ebay, but at least they come ready mounted).

Oh and I nearly forgot I bought some bundles of Penny Black clings and Hero Art Slap-sticks (at very good prices on Ebay I must add, couldn't not buy at those prices), all ready mounted on printed cling mount but they need putting away and cataloguing so I could still be doing this for days!

I realise I haven't yet shown you the before and after photos of my craft room also, but it has got very untidy again in order to try and tidy it. I will try and find some photos I can show you. I also took a video but it is too long and I couldn't work out the software to edit it which was a trial version now expired. I haven't decided which photo software to go for yet, but I will get the matching video software when I do. I might just have to show you still photos.

I am alone apart from the dogs at least for the morning but I do have things to do so on that note I better get on with them! I only put the PC on to scan the stamp sheets you understand, but then I was tempted to peek at Facebook, then Farmville, then Countrylife, and do a little on those!

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  1. Hiya xxx
    You have been busy. I'm always buying stamps and leaving them lying around not in a proper container ! I don't use them much either just like them :)
    jayne xx


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