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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Is this losing my mojo?

Or sheer laziness? I have known I had to make a DT card for two weeks, though there was the wedding. I know I am late with my stamp swap images, though I thought I had some and didn't need to stamp more - I do but they are all heat embossed and therefore will be no good for colouring with alcohol markers or Prismacolour pencils if people wish to do so, but yesterday when I had plenty of time to do both I just couldn't get myself going to do either task until it was far too late and I needed to go to bed. I also couldn't be bothered to cook or eat properly then got hungry before bed so had to have something.
Well the challenge is posted and I need to do that card, then I will stamp the images but I must put the rice cooker on first or I won't be eating until late again. Actually I have been out all afternoon, we did go for a meal with a friend and my parents, then had to go take something back to M&S which involved driving to Bath and then we popped to collect the dogs from my son who offered a cup of tea, so haven't been here much to do anything, and after getting up late I spent the morning getting ready to go out.


  1. I know just how you feel Cazzy...maybe we should start a club! Perhaps we've got C.M.M.S
    Crafters missing mojo syndrome! Being away, my wonky leg, my splinted finger, sad news from U.S. cold very dark days!!! I'm so behind with swaps and Forum Birthday cards, they'll be early for next year!! Oho, but my Snowy Penny Black stamp arrived today!! Soooo that cheered me up!!
    ps, we should do a word thingy on Quirky...or maybe we do and I've just missed it!

  2. Lyn, honestly - do you mean you haven't noticed the fun section on the forum? There are several word games on the go there.

    Cazzy x

  3. I'm going to look now!!! (I get lost easily!!)


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