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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Better late than never - Quirky Crafts Weekly Challenge 16

Weekly Challenge 16 is masculine, so as I was in the wedding card mood I thought I would do a Civil Partnership card. I have never made one of these before but have been meaning to for some time, so would be grateful to know if the wording is suitable or if I should put something else. I am going to make a card insert in the paler colour so it can be written on, unless I do another heart to write on.

On the gadget front: I am awaiting the delivery of The Slice in pink. I wasn't going to buy one, didn't think I needed one but what changed my mind was the fact that there is a tag cartridge which works with The Tag Maker. I bought The Tag Maker a long time ago before The Slice existed and was disappointed when I found it didn't cut the tags. You either had to trace round a template and cut them out or buy a die cutting set which was only available in the USA and was mega heavy so postage was HUGE, and you needed a die head for every shape and in every size or it wasn't worth bothering and the whole set that you could get, which wasn't every size or shape, cost a lot in the first place so I have justified buying The Slice. I got it at a good price, the pink one comes with two carts and I bought the tag cart at a bargain price.Hoped it would arrive today, but roll on Monday's post now.

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  1. This is just so perfect hun love it
    Hugs Jacqui x


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