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Saturday, 19 September 2009

New features in blogger?

While I was wandering round in the settings area I saw a message that said you are currently using the old post editor, would you like to switch to the new post editor? (You can still use the old post editor if you prefer).

I switched, and at the moment I don't know what is different apart from a new look, and maybe more buttons to do different things but when I get to post my new DT card for tomorrow's challenge on Quirky Crafts forum I hope to find out, mind you I have to make the card yet!

I noticed that if I put a link in the link box under the title it actually makes the title into a link now, and that didn't work before as far as I know.  Would anybody notice they have to click on the title, and previously clicking on the title would show you the post alone with any comments revealed underneath, if you put a link in the title to somewhere else this will no longer happen.

My question is why didn't blogger email me or put an announcement on that told me there was a new post editor? There is a big announcement in dashboard about some email link feature but I had no idea until I was checking for something else that there was a new improved editor.  Maybe it lets you put your photos in the places you actually want them to be!

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