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Monday, 14 September 2009

Board games- Quirky Crafts challenge 11

Deanne set the challenge of board games which is a good one. I had lots of ideas but left it to the last minute once again. The Mahjong card took ages and went horribly wrong in all sorts of ways so I am not sure it is good enough to give to anyone (believe me it is worse than it looks).

The scrabble card was a last minute 10 minute card, well it took a bit longer to find the right scrabble letters, and I remembered I had some gaming papers that I was given by a magazine for having something published and looked them out, this one is perfect!

You could win a great little prize if you enter the challenge this week and are picked out. Any type of crafting qualifies.

Think of all those games, chess, draughts, monopoly, snakes and ladders, ludo - there must be loads that could inspire a project for this challenge!

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