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Friday, 3 July 2009

Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths

You just wouldn't believe these are very naughty dogs. Not only in the vet's waiting room, where Alfie (the pepper and salt one) tried to go for every size dog in the vets surgery, having beaten me to it to the car so he couldn't be left behind, and Sooty who had an eye infection managed to pee inside while I was distracted by Alfie escaping from his collar and lead! Then on the second visit Sooty managed to pee on the toy stand and get a toy duck, while I was trying to stop Alfie from menacing a dog several times his size and get to the counter to pay lots (but not for the toy, thought I am sure I paid enough to cover it).

But that is not the worst they have done, last week Alfie was excitedly running up and down outside the greenhouse, and then I realised there was a Wood Pigeon inside, then even worse Sooty was inside too and by the time I got there Sooty was coming out with said bird in his mouth, and the poor youngster just lay there with legs stiff and wings, the dogs with mouth full of feathers were banished indoors but the poor bird expired soon afterwards.

Today I was having a nap after a hard day and not sleeping, and I heard a commotion, barking and noise and I thought it was hubby arriving but no - there was an adult Wood Pigeon in the greenhouse, Alfie went in despite me shouting and came out with mouthful of feathers, I got him indoors but Sooty went in and also came out with feathers, I shouted so much I now have a sore throat but I did get the dogs inside, and managed to catch the Wood Pigeon and set it down on the grass where it wobbled over to the flower border and sat there looking shocked for ages.

The bird eventually flew away, so all is well I hope.


  1. oh! You have an Alfie too! And isn't he beautiful with it...what an adorable doggy..my Alfie is a cat but thinks he is a dog LOL

  2. aw, cute little dog!! (we don't have a dog but we look after four belonging to other people) It's nice to look after them for a few days or up to two weeks, but then it's nice to give them back!
    I've seen the 'cloud' somewhere, when I was blog hunting, can't find a link on yours, usually there's one somewhere at the bottom, we hunt one out!

    ((Lyn)) have a good weekend!!


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