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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

T on Tuesday and the new unit is here!

You can't see it but I had fruit tea with a healthy lunch of melon and cottage cheese with nuts and cinnamon. I'm showing you this because it is time for T on Tuesday at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's gaff!

Last Friday was a sad day but a relief too, my husband's ashes (and 4 dogs ashes) were interred into his father's grave with a small family ceremony. It brought back sadness but relief his wishes had been carried out. There is a new gravestone to sort out as a final thing to do.
Today I had a phone call from one of Shaun's friends who ( very generously together with his 90 year old mother who didn't know Shaun) wants to donate some money to Dorothy House via my Just Giving page, and the badminton club that Shaun belonged to also want to donate. The page link is in the sidebar at the top, and another page for the RUH forever Friends cancer care appeal.

New squishyness.

Gorgeous hand dyed gradient squishyness!

Two little "helpers".

Surrounded by  Really Useful Boxes, ready to go in the new unit.

The big box of hanging files is not for the unit but now holds my crochet patterns.

YAY! The unit arrived at last!

WIP, I put some of the castors on and my son did the rest.

The shelf pegs were really tricky to get in the middle section which is under the overhanging desk, you really need a 4 year old to do it! This went quite well until he declared his head was too big and went on strike!

Nearly finished, just a few more shelves to go in.

Here is the finished unit, I haven't finished filling the boxes yet! The Salcombe Petite unit is from Storage4Crafts, and comes in different finishes. I went for maple and plain doors. I think this is going to be really really useful! It takes less room than the old big desk when closed, and is going to be able to hold so much stuff! It is on castors so can be moved about, the two side sections roll open when needed and it has a soft notice board that takes velcro and has elastic to put things in to keep to hand.

I will be able to sew and papercraft on it, and I am sure I will get the papercrafting bug back once I sort more of my stash into it.


  1. Dear Cazzy, as hard as it is on the living , it is a blessing to be able to carry out departed loved ones wishes. Somehow one does manage the strength to do it. Love and hugs to you. Your organizing is looking great-and more fun to have willing helpers:)
    And oh my , those threads do look yummy. Happy T day!

  2. Nice cabinet! I think it sounds like you deserve something nice like that. Happy T day. :) Erika

  3. I would have been here sooner, but Sally called and asked me to go to the doctor with her in case she couldn't drive home after her procedure. Then it was off to vote early, shop for Sally's medical supplies, and buy reduced Halloween candy.

    I love that new cabinet and it looks like it will hold a ton of stuff. I look forward to seeing this room as it develops. And I enjoyed seeing your two helpers, too.

    Thanks for sharing your healthy lunch and fruit tea, as well as your new cabinet and assembly with us for T this Tuesday. Again, sorry I'm late getting here yet another Tuesday!

    So nice to read about the donations to Dorothy House. It sounds like a very worthy place to donate.

    I'm sure the ashes that you placed in his father's grave made for a sad day, but it did seem to provide you with a bit of closure.

  4. Sorry you have had so much sadness lately, hope life will run more smoothly for you now. Your new unit is fabulous, enjoy. Have a happy T Day and a great week, hugs, Valerie

  5. I'm loving you new unit and storage, it looks like you had loads of fun putting it together and you will be so organised when you have finished! Wishing you a Happy belated T Day! J :-)

  6. The storage boxes and the new unit would be perfect for me but alas no more room!!! Looks as though you had some good help! Sad times agin for you but will make you happier that your husband's wishes have been fulfilled! Take care! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  7. Life is cycle my dear. Sadness will give place to better days. It takes time to get used to a loss like yours.I feel so much for you. Hope Our Lady of Aparecida heals your heart.Love the cabinets.! Belated Happy T day!


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