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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dog Sweater

 Alfie dog is old and suffers from arthritis, and we tend to leave his hair to grow in cold weather, however he now hates being groomed due to the pain and gets very knotted up. So the solution (I hope) will be to trim him and let him wear this sweater in cold weather.
Alfie is not a lover of clothes, he does not co-operate with dressing up, and his legs are stiff. Because of that I modified this slip on sweater pattern so that it buttoned down the back, the dog can just step into it and be buttoned up.
I'm working on another sweater for a friend's bigger dog at the moment.

I've entered a challenge:
Anything but a card - anything goes (Sun)


  1. Marvelous !! He looks great :-D

    IKE xx

  2. Really beautiful....I need one!!!! Alfie looks gorgeous!!!

  3. What a handsome boy all dressed up in his spiffy new sweater ! Thanks for sharing it with us at Anything But A Card


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