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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WOYWW #281

You may think not a lot has changed since I posted two weeks ago, and you could be right - except I just did a frantic tidy up before I took this photo, I am sure you don't believe me!
The most exciting thing on the desk this time is the set of Kraftin Kimmie stamps (pink), I won a $25 voucher on facebook for showing my stash of KKS and I agonised over which set to buy, eventually settling on a Rachel Anne Miller set which will be good for little boy cards, and I just had to have one of her Christmas stamps and a white paint Sharpie pen! I had to pay for those and postage of course. 
The Crossover is still sitting there, and next to it (hiding next to the Promarkers) is the handle which fell off in my die cutting session a couple of weeks back. I have contacted Samuel Taylors who asked for photos (never been known to happen before - always me!) and have referred the matter to their supplier and I am waiting for the outcome of that.
It's disappointing that this should happen after very little use, and I did try putting the handle back on, can't get it the whole way so it falls off again. It might just need a tap with a hammer by someone with more strength than me!
Apart from that I have some Woodware glue bottles which have faulty pins that turn the glue brown, I contacted Woodware and they are sending me some new ones, and have asked me to test another one with some cheap glue, which I am doing and I can see the pin corroding even if the glue hasn't yet turned brown, so I think the pins are all untreated. Edited to say [Woodware told me there was a faulty batch a while back, but seemed surprised that  mine were faulty because I had bought them from Sir Stampalot and not a local shop (hence the request to test them again with cheap glue).]
The Promarkers are out because - 1, the pen organiser insert came out of the ArtBin again, so I need to take out all the browns, blacks, greys and purples and sort them back in and I haven't had the heart to do it yet, and the green ones are out because I am about to colour an image with them. There are still stamps and stencils out that need putting away and I am not showing you the view from the other end of the desk - I am too ashamed, it is depressing!
I have managed to shift quite a bit of stuff but it doesn't seem to make any difference - is it because I buy more to replace it I wonder?
Anyway in finding some cheap glue I found one bottle had dried up too much to be any use except to be put on with a trowel, so that went in the bin, and today while tidying I realised I have a whole drawer full of large bottles of glitter glue, glitter paint and 3d paints that could be up to 10 years old and maybe are not a lot of good either. If that is the case I can clear a whole drawer for something else to go away!
Why am I telling you all of this? If you really want to know hop on over to The Stamping Ground where the lovely Julia Dunnit will explain all!


  1. What a lovely busy desk! I'm not a stamper, but I posses a few stamps and seeing other people's desks has inspired me to use them. I've made a couple of tags last week (as you might see when you visit me...)
    You won a voucher! How cool is that! Yes those stamps would be perfect for a little boy.
    I fully understand about old bottles of stuff. I have a drawer like that too. I admire your courage to have a good sort out. Eventually it will give you an empty drawer to put other stuff in!
    Thank you for letting me have a peep of your workspace.
    Have a good week

  2. What a deliciously busy and interesting desk, Cazzy! I love it. Sorry you're having some techno problems with kit at the moment - all very frustrating! Hope this week goes really well for you. Hugs, Chris # 3

  3. I am interested to read your comment about the woodware glue bottle - my Swedish friend whilst on holiday here this summer bought a set and I got a very distressed call from her last week to tell me that all her glue has turned brown!!! I will get her to contact Woodware too - they must have a faulty batch of pins.

    Good luck with further desk tidying - though I grumble about always having to pack my stuff away I suppose it does prevent the whole dining room table becoming one huge craft explosion which I am sure would happen if I had a dedicated desk.

    KraftyKaren #69

  4. Sorry to hear that your handle came off. Hopefully, you'll have the issue resolved soon. Thanks for stopping by. #1

  5. Wonderful craftsy desk! It was fun looking over all the stuff you have out. Diane #80

  6. What a wonderful desk. I do love your space!
    Glenda #46

  7. Well, I think you win the prize for the most colourful WOYWW desk this week! There's a lot going on there :-) Glad you've had fun creating that maelstrom of craftiness!
    Good luck with trying to resolve those product issues....
    Hugs, LLJ 21 xx

  8. I see lots of opportunities for creativity. Sorry about the handle issue. Creative Blessings! Kelly #61

  9. I hope you get the handle issue sorted. I have a friend who wants one of those crossover machines. I will make do with my Cuttlebug :)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier too :)

  10. Is that a Penny Black flourish stamp set I spy on the desk? your desk looks active and happy, pleased to see someone with a messy productive desk and don't be ashamed of mess it means you are being creative and that is important to the heart and soul.

    Yoda sends his paw pats and hugs.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #8
    Belated WOYWW greetings


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