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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

WOYWW #276

Having got back into the peeping activity that is WOYWW recently I was unable to take part in this weekly delight of snooping last week because I was not allowed to use my arm much, the reason being I had managed to get cellulitis at the weekend. I think it was because I had cut my finger stupidly while cutting a carrot in half for the dogs, the cut was into the crease of my knuckle on the underside of my finger - don't ask how because I don't know!

When it happened I had to go to Hemel Hemstead hospital and wait a couple of hours to see a doctor and get antibiotics. I had been getting on very well with my crochet cardigan but was told not to use my arm (to prevent the infection spreading) and definitely no crochet! So that meant no crafting really and I had such plans when I got back on the Monday! 
I had a weird reaction to the first antibiotic, pins and needles in my cheek, then my nose and lips, and then my head. The more I took the worse it got - so down to my doctor on Monday to get different tablets, the pins and needles stopped thank goodness but the new tablets brought new problems which I put up with until I finished them this Monday. I think I am only just getting over the side effects now.
So I thought I would show you this, I think these count as vintage crochet now. I made them between 30 and 39 years ago, and they are drinks mats which have never been used. Every so often I give them a wash and dry them then store them again! See my walking boots? They leak when it is very wet in the fields, not always but it seems if the grass is long which makes me think the fur is taking in water. Here they are drying out. I have tried proofing them, which is not supposed to be necessary, and doesn't make a bit of difference. I can only wear one type of footwear now and that is Kalso Earth which has ergonomic feet shaped inserts. It is hard to find, very expensive and I haven't found these boots for sale anywhere since I bought them. I have a fetching high pair of snow boots in green nubuck laced up the front, which are everything proof but they rub me and make my feet sore usually so get worn maybe once a year!

This is my swan doily made around the same time, should be on a pretty dressing table maybe. I don't use any stiffener to make them stand up, just shape and pin while they are drying. See my earrings? I have some new silver ear wires so will be using these again, I can only wear silver or gold and one of the wires went missing!

 As soon as I could I decided to consolidate my boxes and tubs of unmounted rubber stamps waiting to be mounted on EZ or to have laminated sheets made to file them into one box, here it is! I think Julia has a name for this activity along the lines of rearranging stuff to make one feel less guilty?

The pink bin is full of little stamps I have got with Craft Stamper over the past few years but not all of them, some are on laminated sheets. Some are rubber and more recently they are polymer cling stamps. The pink and green baskets are full of clear stamps waiting to be put away, there is a system and I just need to fit them in to the correct place (well the system is also being rearranged a little too).

 You might ask how the decluttering of my stashberg is going - slowly I think! Some folks have snapped up some real bargains and I keep finding more to offer them.

Years ago I was fond of buying mystery boxes of stash from the USA, and goody bags or bundles from the UK too, and the problem with that is you end up with a lot of stuff which you will never use, but it looks interesting so you stash it away!

 The danger with getting out NBUS (never before used schtuff and Darlene has set another challenge to use it) and thinking about selling it is that you also think about keeping it (well I do and that is why I am in the state I am). For example I promised my buyers a Bigz die, didn't say which one, but when I got it out and did a first ever die cut with it to show people I began to think I might like to use it after all! This morning I opened a box that was lurking on a shelf and it was full of La Pashe stuff, a pack of die cut Christmas decoupage and backgrounds amongst other stuff. Ah I thought, I could sell that, I don't even like ready printed decoupage really - but when I bought it I thought I could make up some quick and effective cards for friends and family - still could for this year (but will I?).

Desk right now, just taken. I thought it would look tidier, ha ha! I have been stamping some images as I store them on laminated sheets to go away. I have a project in my head which is to make tags for the stamp folders so I can identify where the stamps are quicker. This will work best where the folder only contains one brand of stamps or maybe two I think. There are a few projects on the go here, and that die I was going to sell (see below)- can you see the die cut so far? I have found a different die to sell, just one you understand!

I used to make jewellery, and sell it to my colleagues of years ago, but got rid of most of my supplies when new colleagues weren't interested. But I have bought beads, findings and a bead tray thing thinking I could do some jewellery making again - have I done it? No! I have a few things somewhere around the room waiting to be fixed, and I haven't even done that!

So you see I have to agonise over some of the stuff that I should be able to let go of, I see similarities between me and those people on TV who have houses full of stuff so they can't actually get into rooms or sleep in their beds, or the compulsive shoppers who even rent out units to hold all of their purchases, they had to buy it but don't really want it! Is that me?

The other danger is the stuff other people are selling, and I have already bought a few thing with the money I got for selling my stuff! I have my eye on a couple of more pricey things too - no stop it! (Slaps face).

I also keep winning more schtuff, I won some blog candy, and recently I have won a $25 voucher to buy more Kraftin Kimmie stamps, for showing my collection of them. At least they have their own dedicated folder and there is some space in it!

Anyway this week seems to have flown by, I think due to me losing a lot of last week sleeping! The weather here is lovely and sunny and it is due to change they say, well we are half way through September. We have harvested a few pounds of our own tomatoes now, they are small this year.

I better get on with decluttering, crafting, ironing - it is Slimming World tonight and I need to iron my trousers to wear, I have no idea if I have lost weight this week but will find out later. A couple of weeks ago I thought I had found the reason I was not losing weight as I should be (I have lost over 2 stones, or 28 pounds but I lost more and put some on then yoyo'd for months), and the first week I realised my error I lost 3.5 pounds, but the next week I put a little back on. Last week I didn't lose any but when we were away I had two meals home cooked for me that had more oil than I would like (the oil was not measured so beyond my control to count it properly), this week we got invited to dinner at my parents, it was nice, I had the boiled potatoes and not the roasties, and there was veg, but Mum said she cooked my chicken breast with butter (BUTTER EEEEK), because I don't eat bacon and she wrapped everyone else's chicken in bacon. It is hard getting people to understand the concept of the plan, or that I want to lose more weight, and my cholesterol isn't great right now! As well as that meal I don't think I have been as strict as I should have been, when you are feeling unwell and you have a nasty taste in your mouth the whole time it is more difficult to be good.

Well I think I have bored you enough. so if you want to go and snoop round other peoples desks or messes, and if you want to join in too hop over to The Stamping Ground.


  1. Wow!!!! Wow!!!!! I just love the coziness of your desk. What treasures you are going to find. Finding them will be fun - getting rid of them - that will be a challenge. ;-) April #67

  2. Hi Cazzy, HOLY STASHES OF STUFF you have going on there! What a great supply of anything and everything. I love how everyone just typically considers "organzining" by rearranging the chaos! Too funny. Hope you are feeling back to your healthy self real soon. All the best, Crystal

  3. Sorry to hear about the cellulitis - hope the arm is really recovered now. Love your crocheting. As for all the stuff, real crafters just add to it and add to it, especially with winning more! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #47 x

  4. You have a lot of crafting goodies. Your crocheting is so beautiful. I just love the swans. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for stopping by. #17

  5. Oh my goodness... you will have a lot of organizing to do and HA, I know the problems that come up when you decide to get rid of some stuff and then viewing it and wanting to keep it after all... I guess we crafters all know that feeling! Hope you will be able to use your arm properly soon, enjoy the day and happy woyww. Hug from Holland, Marit #46

  6. wonderful to see crochet and love the swans have tea cloth which is UFO .. unfinished object been doing since 1988 :D happy sorting it is hard isnt it :D Happy WOYWW and thanks for popping over, Shaz in Oz.x #15

  7. Ouch! That sounds horrible! I'm cringing right now! Hope your finger's healed by now. Your desk looks like a big jumble sale - I so would like to rummage through it! Zsuzsa #64

  8. Holy moly, what a load of stash!! Lucky lady. Sorry about the cellulitis though, sounds really painful. Hope it clears soon, and you can return to crochet (your work is lovely). Keep smiling, Chris # 29

  9. Sorry to hear you've not been crafting, but are there no hospitals in Wiltshire you could have gone to, or were you visiting in Hemel? That's an amazing, if a little crazy, desk you've got there! And here I was thinking I was a bit busy/messy this week! I can see why you thought mine was tidy, lol!

    Brenda 56

    1. Yes Brenda, if I had been at home it would have been two hours in Trowbridge hospital! I was visiting my son, and we were driving home that day, but if I had waited it would have been likely that once I had waited the two hours there wouldn't still be a chemist open, I am told there is always a 24 hour one near Berkhamsted! With cellulitis time is of the essence, it is so dangerous, so I had to go as soon as I realised (well in the morning, as it was the middle of the night/very early morning when I knew).

  10. Your swan doily blew me away! It is GORGEOUS! WOW.
    I am glad you are getting on the mend from your cellulitis. Please take care.
    Thanks for sharing! Have a good week. Hugs, Kathy Jo #41


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