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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Busy doing nothing....... working the whole day through....

This is the second week that actually feels like I have REALLY left my job, I left just before Christmas (on early release) and the holidays just felt like normal holidays, then just as I was trying to get used to the idea I got the flu, and was in bed for a most of a week and a half.

There are benefits, I have more time to craft, so where is it then? Not finished a lot yet but my craft room is messier than ever! I did make a card that I didn't photograph but I am working on some more versions of it so will photograph them when they are finished.

I have had a life laundry moment and found a whole bag of clothes to get rid of, and there are more where that came from.

I have gone up into the garage loft and found my old crochet patterns, and intend to start crocheting again, well I am going to be a Granny in May so I better get a shift on. I have some white yarn, need blue too.

Because I am home when Himself gets in and it is still light enough I have been dog walking over the fields most nights, that has got to be good for us all.

I have been doing a lot more cooking of dinners, and we have been both eating the same thing. Example below, swordfish steak, with stir fried finely sliced leeks with mushrooms, garlic and baby plum tomatoes and new potatoes.

Also I have more energy and less headaches at the weekends to go dog walking, we went to a farm to get a bag of organic potatoes (saving a lot compared to the price of supermarket potatoes) and eggs. When we were there we looked for somewhere to walk the dogs, and found this. Massive gates and a very long tree lined avenue to South Wraxall Manor. We have had two walks there, and they were very long walks. We only went half way up the "drive" to a fence, then turned round. The first time the dogs didn't notice all the trees, the second time they did and tried to visit every one, and there were about 60!

These are the gates. View of the drive from the gates, our dogs found all other dogs very interesting so enjoyed the walk. We think it might be very busy in warmer weather!

The fence where we turned round.
My excitement of the day today was trying out the new carpet shampooer, sad or what!

Now I may look for a part time job after I have had a few weeks off, I think I deserve it and I worked very hard for the last 6 months without a lot of time off. What I would really like to do is work for a craft magazine publisher, maybe in an assistant editor type role.  That would be doing a job to do with one of my favourite hobbies, papercrafts! What I don't want to do is work a 37 hour week with commuting on top. Less hours and travel would be fine though.

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