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Monday, 20 December 2010

Quick cards

These card blanks are from a pack by Dovecraft of 30 shaped cards. I bought them in a sale I think, and found them when trying to make quick panic cards. I feel a bit cheated that one of the shapes is a rectangle (yes I know that is a shape) and the rectangle comes in gold and silver, which means there are less novelty shaped cards. There is one more shape not shown here which is a bauble, and I will post photos of those in due course. I have found some panels that I did last year, and with the Christmas trees I drizzled Stickles glue for tinsel and stuck gems to them and added wooden Christmas shapes that were a present. I think my favourite shapes are the crackers, I decorated them with Docraft stick on ribbons and felt shapes, and one little Hero Arts stamped dog, and I felt the need to add a cracker joke which I found using Google, printed off and cut into strips and stuck inside the crackers.

I don't like the snowflake one, which is an embossed snowflake on an octagonal card and the card is poor quality. Perhaps I will find a better way to decorate it, I am not happy with the effort above which is stickles and a gem in the middle.

I went to work this morning and distributed cards and gifts, and posted a few cards on the way,  then we were sent home again due to the snow. So having addressed all the cards I had just about I know how many I have left to make now, and have been busy making more this evening.

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