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Monday, 21 December 2009

Panic stations

This is what panic stations looks like, last minute card panic still going on and I have some yet to post!



  1. AAghhhh!!! One in the morning and I'm still making cards and guess what!!? I'm messier than you!! It's everywhere! printer is a bit of a puzzle...it's still off, all I did was press scan, all the lights are out and there's no one in! I'm very tempted to unwrap my mums pressy, cos it's a newer version of my printer/scanner (cos her old one doesn't work) and it's just sitting there under the tree!! Luckily I do have a few Christmas papers already printed!!
    Have a good week, and a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. oh cazzy lol i'm sure you'll get sorted soon :)

  3. Hi Cazzy,
    Sorry I havent been around much lately...I am here now, finally as I have two weeks break which I feel I so deserve. I have been feeling so tired lately but I have been working really hard, even some odd weekends. Now I am going to chill. Did you manage to make all your xmas cards then? gosh your room looks like an explosion happned there, but hey, thats what creativity is all about....Love it!
    Congrats on winning the ribbons too. I just bought some cropper hopper ribbon storage system, will do a tutorial soon.
    bye for now and happy holidays,
    Hugs and love,


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