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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Hooray Robo lives!

I realised what the problem was when Pinkpuppy's other half tried to help and asked for a link to the software I was trying to install, when I looked for it I found that below the version I had been told I needed (v4.4) there was a 64bit version, I have a 64bit Vista PC, so I downloaded that and installed it no problem! Robo has just hopefully cut out the 50 I need.

Or maybe not - here we go, it didn't cut the thin red shiny card right through, going to try with double cut or will have to get the digital calliper out to check it and find something else.

Yay that worked, now have my 50. It is a bit ragged but it will do, also I resprayed the carrier sheet which now doesn't want to part with the goods.

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  1. Glad you got your Robo to work! I must admit I got really annoyed with mine and bought a Cricut!
    Love the little card you'v made with you new nesties - really cute. Thanks for you comments on my gallery - the flowers have been cut with retro punches and then the petals snipped about 4-5 times each and then edged with chalk ink.
    Barbara (Chocolate Oscar)


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