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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Something strange is happening in Blogger

I can't leave any comments on blogs with word verfication enabled, the verification letters just do not appear.

I thought this could be a Firefox problem but I Googled and found someone thinking it was an IE problem.

So if you are not getting any much wanted comments on your blog, Tassy you are one, Once Upon a Stamp too, the best thing to do is turn off word verification and turn on moderation for all comments which is what I do now.

This prevents anyone from posting nasty comments or spam, a few have tried it on with my blog but seem to have given up for now as I just reject them in any case so they never get seen by anyone but me.

Happy Birthday to Dee from Paper Craft Junkies, go and visit and see the surprise fat book we all made for her, I will post my photos when I get the new PC.


  1. hi caz..ive had the same problem..thats all it shows is a little box with a red cross in it? if so just click on post comment..and then it will reappear what you need to write..dont worry your comment will still be in the box.hope this helps?

  2. yep, that is what I ws just going to say too!! if you jsut click post then go back down somehowe the verification is there then...go figure!! : ) good luck!


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