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Thursday, 30 August 2007

I love parcels and nice surprises

I had a mystery parcel of crafting stash arrive from the USA today, the only thing I knew for sure was it had a Making Memories Grommet Tool Kit in it!
The rest was the mystery! I got so many nice things, the tool set above, some black ric rac, some black felt border that is made up of blooms, which I think you could seperate or use in the wide strip it comes in, a box of red glittered chipboard letters and the box is pretty too, a set of six little pots of snaps, a pack of bright felt flowers with gems, two packs of stand outs (stickers) some clear clips, a pack of softly spoken embellishments, citrus buttons, citrus mini clipboards, a pack of swirly brads, a pack of Rob and Bob frames with magnifying lenses, some MM cheeky flat clips, two word charms, some I Kan Dee eyelet brads, some alphabet Bradletz, and an mini organiser box with fibres in it. This is the second mystery box I have bought, the previous one had the Cropadile and lots of stuff in it. I could have done without the fibres as I got a large organiser full in the first box, and I feel this is a bit of a trick to make it look more than it is. The seller has added a box of fibres to her items for sale now to show it at the value she said it is worth! I don't mind too much as I love the rest of the stuff and I will use the fibres and maybe the tons I have already one day! She says she is pregnant and clearing all her stock to make room for the baby but she seems to have an unlimited supply of stuff to keep putting the mystery boxes back on for sale!

I am not sure the second box is as good as the first, I seemed to get more in that one!

The rubber stamp and card stock wasn't in the box, I cleared a space to photograph the stash!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Huge Spider!

I just had to rescue my Hubby from a huge spider, or rescue the spider from him! I told him it probably has lived in the bedroom all year at least and it will come back, he is only worrying because he could see it!

So spidey has gone for a little fresh air!

Tens machine

I am sitting here with my new Tens machine doing it's stuff on my back, I bought it for only £15 in Lloyds chemist on Saturday but only plucked up the courage to try it just now as the pain in my back was getting bad. When it has finished on my lower back I may shift it to my neck, I might not need to take the painkillers if it works! Update: I read the instructions while it was working, and you can't use it again for two hours and have to be careful where you put the pads, so I haven't done the upper back yet - neck is out of the question!

At the moment it is doing a 15 minute programme where it varies what it is doing, and I am enjoying the way it feels at the moment! Must make a note to buy them for my parents for Christmas - Dad anyway for his back, he hasn't got any pacemakers or implants so it should be fine.

I'm looking for a button...

. .. not any old button, a spare one for my favourite blouse that actually looks nice on me. It is covered in the same fabric as the blouse. I have looked through all the button bags in my sewing (Stanley organiser - birthday pressy from DH) box drawers and compartments, also in my underwear drawers which is another favourite place to put such things but nothing so far! They have got to be somewhere in my craft room!

I will just have to wear it with one missing until it turns up I suppose, or put a plain brown one on and hope it doesn't show (who am I kidding, the buttons are a feature with loops).

Got all hot and bothered looking again, well it has been sitting on the back of a chair in here waiting for it's button to turn up for a couple of weeks now! It has company, the trousers with the hems that came down are there too, I stitched one leg up but the colour was wrong and I made a hash of it, so unpicked it now I can't lift the sewing machine up to finish the job - will have to get DH to lift it up and put it back after - he will be such a martyr when he does that I am sure!

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Oooo I like this new look.

You may wonder why it took so long from starting this blog to posting again (then again you may not!), the reason was that I was posting on my Crafts Beautiful blog, where I was privileged to be a moderator on the forum for a few months covering mainly the evening and weekend time when the staff weren't around to spot trouble or help people. I enjoyed that very much despite it being unpaid, apart from a free magazine subscription, but now the staff have reorganised and got more involved with the forum, and decided to take the work back in house.

Anyone need a moderator?

So having gained valuable blogging experience on the CB forum I have now resumed this blog and am having fun formatting it to the way I want it!

Friday, 24 August 2007


As I walked in the sunshine on the grass at lunchtime a brown leaf plummeted to the ground from the trees above, but to my surprise rather than landing on the grass it opened it's wings and flew in spiral! I stood very still hoping it would alight and open it wings, revealing the pattern but the butterfly had other ideas!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Summer Weather Card Challenge

I have just completed a card for the Summer Weather card challenge on Papercraft Junkies Forum.

The wooden boat embellishment is from Madabout Cards, it is mounted onto shimmery plastic trimmed in a wavy pattern, mounted on gold glitter card to represent the beach, and onto Papermania paper.

Rub on words and sticker are Papermania, and there are fish eyelets and funky fibre to finish the card.