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Monday, 27 August 2007

I'm looking for a button...

. .. not any old button, a spare one for my favourite blouse that actually looks nice on me. It is covered in the same fabric as the blouse. I have looked through all the button bags in my sewing (Stanley organiser - birthday pressy from DH) box drawers and compartments, also in my underwear drawers which is another favourite place to put such things but nothing so far! They have got to be somewhere in my craft room!

I will just have to wear it with one missing until it turns up I suppose, or put a plain brown one on and hope it doesn't show (who am I kidding, the buttons are a feature with loops).

Got all hot and bothered looking again, well it has been sitting on the back of a chair in here waiting for it's button to turn up for a couple of weeks now! It has company, the trousers with the hems that came down are there too, I stitched one leg up but the colour was wrong and I made a hash of it, so unpicked it now I can't lift the sewing machine up to finish the job - will have to get DH to lift it up and put it back after - he will be such a martyr when he does that I am sure!

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